As the economic world has grown smaller, regulation has increased, margins are thinner and competition has increased, forcing manufacturers and distributors to operate in an increasingly difficult environment. Our manufacturing and distribution clients rely on our expertise and talent to assist them in succeeding in such an environment. Whether our clients’ needs are in mergers and acquisitions, employment law advice, general business, succession planning, intellectual property, contract drafting or review, regulatory matters, real estate, land use, litigation or any of the myriad other areas of law in which issues arise, we have expert lawyers who can help. When issues arise outside of the jurisdictions in which we practice, including overseas, our membership in Lawyers Associated Worldwide allows us to connect our manufacturing and distribution clients with trusted, experienced and well vetted legal counsel in those places.

Our firm has substantial experience assisting clients in the manufacturing and distribution industry, including structuring, negotiating, documenting and, if necessary, handling disputes, regarding:

  • Purchase and sale of manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Distribution agreements, supply and requirements contracts, sale of goods, terms and conditions of sale, consignment arrangements, customer finance and lease arrangements and other commercial matters
  • Employment and personnel issues
  • Loan and equipment lease documents
  • Intellectual property matters
  • Work force issues
  • Agreements among merchants and trade disputes
  • Risk management strategies
  • Warranty and product liability issues

We represent clients across the industry spectrum, including:

  • Manufacturers of a wide variety of products
  • Local, regional, national and international distributors and resellers
  • Suppliers