At Gleaves Swearingen, we speak the language of intellectual property and technology. Whether you’re new to your industry and are determining how best to protect your IP, you’re considering joining forces with others to take your IP to the next level, or you’re simply striving to meet the ever-changing regulatory challenges facing businesses today, the Gleaves Swearingen team is here for you. We can help:

  • Evaluate the tools available in copyright, trademark, trade secrets and contract law to protect your IP;
  • Secure protection for your IP through trademark and copyright registration and through non-disclosure, non-competition, confidentiality, and work-for-hire agreements;
  • Prosecute and defend copyright infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation actions, and other IP disputes;
  • Negotiate trademark, end user, SaaS and other licensing agreements, as well as hosting agreements, development agreements, and other IP-Tech agreements;
  • Identify regulatory requirements surrounding consumers’ online privacy and prepare terms of use and privacy policies for websites and mobile applications; and
  • Divest IP rights (for example, in a sale or in an estate plan).

The list above provides just a sampling of the services we offer; we have the knowledge and industry experience to provide top-level representation in all aspects of your information technology endeavors. For more information about the businesses we represent, visit our Technology industry page.