When our firm was founded over 85 years ago, the economies of Oregon and Lane County were largely based on a vibrant forest products industry.  As a result, our early clients primarily included forest products companies and their principals, and we continue to proudly represent the people and businesses involved in that industry. We have worked alongside our forest products clients in times of prosperity and have been there when our clients have faced significant challenges and change.  Oregon is the number one timber producer in the United States, and we look forward to working with our clients as the industry continues to adapt and change with the economic and regulatory times. In addition to acting as outside general counsel for many of our forest products clients, we provide advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Financing of timberlands, real estate, sawmills, and equipment
  • Business transactions, including the acquisition and sale of businesses, real estate, timberland and equipment
  • Employment issues and employment litigation
  • Timber trespass litigation
  • Fire litigation
  • Real estate disputes
  • Land use issues and proceedings
  • Regulatory and liability matters
  • Business planning, succession, and estate planning matters

We represent clients in many different areas of the forest products industry, including:

  • Private timberland owners and timber companies
  • Mills
  • Manufacturing, distribution and transportation companies
  • Private investors