Representing clients in the health care industry today requires both focused expertise on industry-specific issues affecting hospitals, physicians, their practice groups and other institutional and individual providers and provider networks, as well as health insurance organizations and medical equipment and supply manufacturers and distributors. It also requires broad expertise in such diverse areas as employment, tax, real estate, corporate and other forms of enterprise (including formation, governance, merger and acquisition, and succession planning), intellectual property and commercial law.

With an experienced team of attorneys with extensive backgrounds in the complex regulatory and business environment that is today’s health care industry, we provide our health care industry clients with a wide range of legal services including health care transactions and regulatory compliance, as well as business planning and commercial matters, including tax and real estate matters.

Among the legal services that we provide to members of the health care industry, we regularly provide legal guidance in the following areas:

  • Business organization formation, ownership structure and governance, and entrance and exit strategies
  • Capital formation and expansion (including secured lending, real estate development and lease matters)
  • Mergers, acquistions, joint ventures and other contractual arrangements between and among industry members
  • Intellectual property matters (including trademark, trade secret and proprietary software protection)
  • Employment and personnel matters (such as physician and other provider employment contracts, noncompetition and nonsolicitation issues, and general employment advice)
  • Tax planning (including estate planning for individuals)
  • Subrogation recovery for health insurance companies

We provide services to a wide array of health care industry members, including:

  • Individual Physicians and other medical and dental providers
  • Hospitals
  • Practice Groups and Specialty Clinics
  • Equipment and Supply Companies
  • Industry Consultants
  • Insurers

Our Health Care Specialists