Permitting and development requirements, environmental regulations and compliance rules are constantly changing within every governing jurisdiction in the State, which can make all types of development a challenge, no matter how large or small in scope. We know how to cut through the red tape, presenting compelling arguments before the right people, and working with key planners, architects and land use professionals to get the results you need. Some of the steps we take include: Advising property owners and developers on planning, development and permitting strategies; Representation before hearing officials, planning commissions, city councils, county commissions, and administrative law judges and hearing boards, including the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals; Representation in city, county and state courts; Working closely with government counsel, planners, architects, consultants, engineers, surveyors and other land use professionals to process applications for land use permits, comprehensive plan amendments, zone changes and other regulatory clearances; Defending clients in court from governmental enforcement actions; and Litigating on behalf of clients to obtain insurance coverage for environmental claims.

OurLand Use & Environmental Regulation & Compliance Specialists