No area of the law is more emotional or personal than family law. When a couple breaks up, when parents fight over custody or parenting time, when third parties or grandparents seek custody or visitation, when spouses seek alimony, when there are issues about child support or support for college-aged children, when alienation is an issue — all of these difficult situations are a little easier when you have an experienced attorney and sensitive staff available for advice, guidance, reassurance and legal representation. Divorce Today a divorce is no simple matter — the issues run the gamut from property division, business valuation, appraisals, true income of the parties, and rights to, and ownership of, property and businesses, to custody, parenting time, alimony (spousal support), child support and even tax issues. Our goal is to help our clients obtain the best possible resolution of their legal issues. By predicting the possible range of outcomes, we help our clients develop realistic expectations. Through guidance and counsel, we enable our clients to respond to a family dispute calmly and rationally, so that it does not spiral out of control. Services Our services include the following:

  • Advising clients before a separation or divorce;
  • Discovering assets, incomes, property and relevant facts;
  • Negotiating settlements;
  • Divorce representation from start to finish, including advice, discovery, depositions, trial and appeal;
  • Custody and parenting time modifications;
  • Support modifications;
  • Enforcing Judgments and Orders;
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and "Living Together" agreements;
  • Grandparent claims;
  • Establishing custody and paternity; and
  • Dissolutions of Domestic Partnerships.
While we prefer to have cases settle rather than go to trial, we have a strong track record of successful results for those cases that do end up in court.

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