New IRS Partnership Tax Rules May Affect Your Business

A change in the Federal income tax rules, effective for taxable years beginning this year, affects partnerships and LLCs treated as partnerships for income tax purposes. Do the new rules apply to my company? What are the new rules? What do the new rules change? New IRS Partnership Tax… Read More

New Data Protection Regulations May Affect Your Business

What regulations? What is personal data? Do the regulations apply to my business? How does my business comply? To learn more click on the link entitled: “Client Alert – New Data Protection Regulations”. Client Alert – New Data Protection Regulations  … Read More

Oregon voters passed Measure 91

November 17, 2014 Introduction Last week, Oregon voters passed Measure 91, a state initiative that legalizes recreational use of marijuana in Oregon.  As of July 1, 2015, Oregon law will allow adults to possess up to one ounce of marijuana in public places and up to eight ounces of marijuana… Read More

2011 Legislative Updates of Interest

November 5, 2012 Among other things, changes by the 2011 legislature to the Oregon Revised Statutes meant significant changes in the laws affecting Oregon employers, Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit (“BETC”) applicants and recipients, and many Oregon real property owners. The Bureau of Labor and Industries provides a 2011 legislative summary… Read More