Our Work in Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property attorneys handle a wide range of disputes, including trade secret misappropriation actions, trademark and trade name litigation and copyright infringement claims. Our experience in these areas enables us to provide clients with quality advocacy, whether they are seeking to enforce their intellectual property rights or defend against claims of infringement or misappropriation. In addition, we have substantial experience in the area of intellectual property transactions (see our Computer Law practice area description). Our attorneys can assist clients to negotiate and structure transactions in a manner that allows them to obtain the optimal return on their intellectual property investments. Moreover, to ensure that clients' intellectual property investments are not undermined, our attorneys are skilled in drafting non-competition, non-disclosure, and work-for-hire agreements for key employees and contractors to prevent competitors from obtaining clients' valuable proprietary information. The firm's intellectual property attorneys can assist clients in areas such as:

  • Negotiating and structuring technology licensing agreements;
  • Prosecuting and defending copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and trade secret misappropriation actions;
  • Drafting and enforcing non-disclosure and non-competition agreements relating to a clients' valuable intellectual property;
  • The sale and acquisition of a variety of intellectual property rights (including as part of corporate mergers and acquisitions); and
  • Handling trademark and copyright registrations.

Our Intellectual Property Specialists